About Parks & Rec

Our Mission:  To serve the community.  We provide programs, services, and events along with recreational facilities and natural resources to help our community enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Our Vision:  To create lifelong memories and a healthier community for ALL to enjoy!

The City of Chaska is a growing community with an interesting past and an exciting future. City employees and officials work hard to make Chaska the Best Small Town in MN. It’s rich history in brick manufacturing is still evident today, with it’s many unique brick buildings seen throughout the city. Chaska is home to numerous parks, trails, fields, a community center, a curling center and many other amenities that contribute to the well-being of those who live or visit here. The Chaska Parks and Recreation department creates opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to explore and enjoy this friendly community.

The City of Chaska has one of the best parks, trails and open space systems in the metropolitan area. Walkers, hikers and bikers enjoy over 60 miles of trails. City and neighborhood parks are located throughout the city, many with amenities such as playground equipment, picnic shelters and grills. Chaska Lions Park includes two off-leash dog areas and Firemen’s Park features a boardwalk, Clayhole Beach, interactive fountain, performance stage and paddleboat/paddleboard rentals. Athletic Park is home to the Chaska Cubs baseball team.

The Chaska Community Center is everything that you’re looking for in a local community center and so much more.  Swim, run, skate, lift, hit the courts, take a class, explore your creativity, hone your skills or discover new ones.  The Chaska Curling Center is the national training site for USA Curling. Whether you are new to curling or an advanced player, there is something for you to enjoy.

The Chaska Parks and Recreation Department is continuously devoted to making the City of Chaska the Best Small Town in Minnesota.  Come explore everything there is to enjoy!

If you have any question please feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail, or mail:
City of Chaska Department of Parks and Recreation
1661 Park Ridge Drive
Chaska, MN 55318



Marshall Grange

Parks & Recreation Director

(952) 227-7758

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Mary Monteith

 Assistant to the Director 

(952) 227-7741

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Chaska Community Center


Kelsi McNutt

Community Center Manager

(952) 227-7793

Email Kelsi McNutt

Rachel Dodson

Member Services Supervisor

(952) 227-7792

Email Rachel Dodson

Joe Yaeger

Aquatics Supervisor

(952) 227-7746

Email Joe Yaeger

David Wabbe

Arena Supervisor

(952) 227-7777

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Joey Bergquist

Arena Coordinator


Email Joey Bergquist

Missy Goff

Fitness Supervisor

(952) 227-7779

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Jaime Wiemann

City Resource Supervisor

(952) 227-7748

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Josh Hargus

Facility Supervisor

(952) 227-7750

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Andy McBrady


(952) 227-7771

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Kevin Lindgren


(952) 227-7751

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Dave Peterson


(952) 227-7753

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Erin Link

Recreation Manager

(952) 227-7797

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Joan Seedorf

Recreation Supervisor/AOA

(952) 227-7760

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Karen Campbell

Recreation Coordinator/AOA

(952) 227-7783

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Tessa Syverson

Recreation Supervisor/Special Events

(952) 227-7742

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Zac Johnson

Recreation Supervisor/Athletics

(952) 227-7761

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Sandy Jansen

Recreation Supervisor/Youth

(952) 227-7791

Email Sandy Jansen

Andrea Tucker

Treks & Trails Preschool Coordinator

(952) 227-7790

Email Andrea Tucker

Sydney Seiffert

Recreation Coordinator

(952) 227-7752

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Curling & Event Center


Jeff Isaacson

Curling & Event Center Manager

(952) 227-7910

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Scott Belvitch

Head Ice Maker/Supervisor

(952) 227-7911

Email Scott Belvitch

Clay Orvik

Curling and Event Center Coordinator

(952) 227-7915

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Krista Tolstedt

Event Center Supervisor

(952) 227-7912

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Christine Wilkins


(952) 227-7914

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Help build community and become a Chaska Park and Recreation sponsor!

Chaska Parks and Recreation enjoys working alongside local business and organizations to create a sponsorship experience that is valuable to your business and the community.  

How to become a sponsor:

  1. View our Event Sponsorship Brochure which details programs and promotional benefits.
  2. Contact the Recreation Department at 952-227-7742 to discuss available opportunities.
  3. Complete the Sponsorship Agreement.
  4. Provide the Recreation Department with any necessary information such as company logos.