The Chaska Parks and Recreation Department is an integral part of Chaska city government. The office is located at the Chaska Community Center and is involved in leisure activities for a regional population that includes the arts, athletics, and special events. Over 200 recreational type programs are offered each quarter for pre-school age through senior citizens.

The department is also involved in facility management including the Chaska Community Center, Clayhole swimming beach, park shelters and ball field scheduling. Most of these facilities can be viewed on-line and the public can also see how they have been scheduled and when they are available for your use!

In addition the department is responsible for that pertaining to the planning and operations for parks and trails development in the Chaska community. The city of Chaska is proud of having one of states best public parks and open space systems in the state of Minnesota!

The Chaska Parks and Recreation Department and the Chaska Community Center have one unified staff that are located at the CCC. The full time staff equals 15 individuals in a variety of roles including administration, programming, support and maintenance/custodial. At any given time during the year approximately 200 area residents are employed part time with the department in many different areas including as instructors, attendants, front desk, day care, and lifeguards to name only a few.

The Chaska Parks and Recreation Department leads the way in building community through neighborhood and family gathering. The city of Chaska is proud of its rich history and its belief in its small town community values which are:

Since 1975 the Chaska Parks and Recreation Department has led the way for much of eastern Carver County in starting many of the youth athletic programs which today prosper under the guidance of volunteer athletic associations accommodating boys and girls from throughout School District #112.

• The department has been a leader in hiring staff and implementing not only those programs that cater to the arts but also in building and operating a 220 seat theater for a multitude of community art related endeavors.

• Other recreational facilities of note include 2 indoor ice sheets and an award winning indoor aquatics area.

• Departmental staff is also committed to helping meet the needs of our Active Older Adult (Ages 55 +) population and those
  with disabilities.

• The city park systems is a combination of jewels including Chaska Athletic Park which is well renowned for its baseball
  accommodations and Chaska City Square which many visitors can only wish they had in their community.

The municipal trail system takes advantage of both the cities natural resources and roadway network in serving both the  
  recreational and destination trail users.

• The Parks and Recreation Department is also noted for its staffing and operations of the city cable network and 
  communication needs.

If you have any question on what makes us a quality operation please feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail, or mail:
City of Chaska Department of Parks and Recreation
1661 Park Ridge Drive
Chaska, MN 55318

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