Adaptive Programs & Inclusion Support


Inclusion Support:

The Chaska Parks and Recreation Department welcomes the inclusion of all persons with disabilities to participate in recreation programs. If you have a disability and would like to participate in ANY general recreation program offered by the Chaska Parks and Recreation Department, you can utilize our Inclusion Support. Offered in partnership with Reach for Resources, this service provides any support necessary for people to participate in recreation programs with non-disabled peers. This may include consultation, training, and one-to-one support. Register for the program through or at our CCC Front Desk. Then, direct inclusion requests or special needs questions to Joan at (952) 227-7760 to discuss the needs for yourself or your child. We require a minimum of two weeks notice for a successful inclusion.


The adaptive recreation program is a cooperative effort of cities. REACH is an agency which serves individuals with developmental disabilities and their families in the West and Northwest metro area. Services include adaptive recreation, independent living support and counseling. For more information and registration, call (952) 200-3030 or go to