About Our Teachers

About the Treks and Trails teachers


Andrea Tucker is our preschool coordinator & lead tacher for the Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes. Andrea has been working as the lead teacher and coordinator of Treks and Trails since the opening in 2007. Andrea has and early childhood education degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has over 15 years of preschool teaching experience. Andrea implements a curriculum that meets the needs of all children in our program and engages children through play and interactive learning. Andrea lives in Waconia and is a proud mother of 2 Children. 


Sandy Jansen is our lead teacher in the Tuesday and Thursday classes. She also assists for the Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes. Sandy has worked at the Community Center for over 15 years. She has taught numerous preschool classes for the Parks and Recreation Department and has been with Treks and Trails since its opening in 2007. Sandy is an energetic and passionate teacher who puts the needs of the students first. Sandy is a mother of 2 and lives in Chaska.  


Kim Roth plays two roles in our program. She assists in the Tuesday and Thursday classes and she also teaches Spanish to all of the kids on a bi-weekly basis. Kim has a background in teaching Spanish to kids in grades K-12. We are lucky to have her share her love of a second language with our preschoolers. 


CCC preschool sports staff: The CCC preschool sports staff create informative and fun curriculum for our weekly fitness classes. The kids get up and get moving and always look forward to their gym time!

All teachers meet the state licensure standards