About Our Teachers

About the Treks and Trails teachers

Andrea Tucker 

Miss Andrea is our preschool director & lead teacher for the Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes. Andrea has been teaching at Treks & Trails since our doors opened in 2007. With an early childhood education degree from UW-Madison and over 18 years of experience teaching preschoolers, she has developed a curriculum that meets the needs of all children in our program and engages children through play and interactive learning. 
"I feel so blessed to have a job that I truly love and to have found a school that is like home to me. Teaching these kiddos is a privilege and one that I will always cherish" 

Sandy Jansen

Miss Sandy is our lead teacher in the Tuesday and Thursday classes and she also assists for the Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes. Sandy has been with Treks & Trails since it's opening in 2007 and has worked at the Community Center for over 15 years. Sandy has taught numerous preschool classes for the Parks and Recreation Department. Sandy is an energetic and passionate teacher who puts the needs of the students first.
" I have truly enjoyed every minute of my time here. Not only do I teach your children, but every year I find myself learning life lessons from them as well. These kids are pretty special."

Kim Roth 

Miss Kim plays two roles in our program. She assists in the Tuesday and Thursday classes and she also teaches both Music and Spanish to all of the kids on a weekly basis. We are lucky to have her share her love of a second language with our preschoolers. Before teaching at Treks & Trails, Kim taught English to adults from other countries as well as Spanish to children in preschool all the way through high school. Kim has 2 daughters and they both started their love for learning right here at Treks & Trails! 


Janel Goemer

Miss Janel is the Fitness Instructor at Treks & Trails Preschool. Each week, Janel gathers the MWF kiddos for a 30 minute fitness class. She teaches the kids about the proper usage of muscles and movement, as well as exposing them to different sports and games. Also emphasized are team work, good sportsmanship, safety and of course lots of FUN! Janel also works with the lunch bunch crew. From 11:30-12:30 each day, the kids have the option of gaining some extra socialization while eating lunch and getting in some extra play time. 
"Becoming a mom completely changed my world and opened my eyes to the immense joy and satisfaction of helping children succeed and grow."


All teachers meet the state licensure standards